From as far back as he can remember, Khrob's dreams often end with rolling credits. After spending most of high school in the drama department (on-stage, back-stage and directing), Khrob became the Assistant Theatre Manager of The Auden Theatre in the UK.

Along with his sister Miranda, Khrob co-wrote and directed the short drama the water was dark and it went forever down. He then single-handedly modeled and animated the CG short Chat Noir. Khrob Co-Directed the Indie zombie-comedy I am Bish and starred in the web series The Complete Barry's Guide to Low-Budget Film Making. After making these and other shorts, Khrob attended the Victorian College of the Arts for a postgraduate degree in Film Directing, where he directed the crowd-pleasing action adventure film - Mathilda West and the Bushrangers' Ransom.

In 2019, after a fifteen year hiatus, he returned to the stage, playing the Irish American Escapologist John Boyle O'Reilly in Moondyne and Me - The Making of a Bushranger. When not directing, Khrob loves technology, and attends SIGGRAPH as often as he can. He has programmed for Apple, founded the digital toy company Souptoys and created the storyboarding app Spielreel.

Khrob is seldom seen without a pen in hand and storyboards all his & Miranda's films.